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Company Details

James Wigmore is a forensic toxicologist and renowned author in the legal studies community. He is specializes in Alcohol, Cannabis and Tobacco toxicology.

Project Details

James had a DIY website using Wix that looked very outdated and unprofessional. He needed a new brand/website refresh with the main objective of selling books online and receiving booking inquires. He was already well known in the universities and law court communities, so he needed the new site to showcase his reputation.

  • Framework : WooCommerce
  • Languages : PHP, CSS3
  • Project Type : eCommerce Website
Personal Responsibilities

I was head designer for the initial prototype concept, helping to create a new brand refresh for the website. I was also lead developer, installing and customizing the WordPress / WooCommerce theme to match the prototype design. Once the front-end was complete, I tested the eCommerce functionality to ensure book sales would be seamless.

Project Outcome

Wigmore on Alcohol was praised by James’ colleagues. It became a useful resource for his public talks, book publishings and general information on forensic toxicology.

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